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Wildland fires can be unpredictable, and you want whatever help you can get to track their behavior. The Supply Cache stocks high-quality fire weather instruments tailored to the task of measuring fire weather conditions. This is why we carry Kestrel fire weather meters, psychrometers, fire weather instrument kits, and more.

We carry Kestrel fire weather meters; an indispensable tool for gauging current fire weather conditions. A Kestrel will allow you to determine the barometric pressure, your current altitude, relative humidity, heat stress index, and so much more. We also carry Kestrel RH calibration kits which allow you to recalibrate your Kestrel meter in the field.

We even carry replacement psychrometer thermometer tubes and replacement wicks amongst our collection of fire weather instruments and accessories. Get the fire weather tools you need now and continue shopping to find all the wildland fire gear that you need!