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Environmental Meter- Kestrel 5000, Nielsen Kellerman

Environmental Meter- Kestrel 5000, Nielsen Kellerman

Nielsen Kellerman

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Wind speed, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and density altitude plus logging capabilities - the indispensable tool for portable environmental monitoring.

The Kestrel 5000 Environmental Meter is a remarkably powerful measuring and data logging tool, yet remarkably compact. Use it for research, safety, expeditions, agriculture and any other profession or activity where accurate on-the-spot conditions monitoring is key.

• Altitude
• Barometric Pressure
• Density Altitude
• Dew Point Temperature
• Heat Index
• Relative Humidity
• Station Pressure (Absolute Pressure)
• Temperature
• Wet Bulb Temperature (Psychrometric)
• Wind Chill
• Wind Speed
• Made in the USA