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Fire boots are, obviously, a necessary part of a firefighter’s gear. Happy feet make a happy firefighter. So you want to be sure that you have everything you need to keep your boots in the best condition possible. This is why we carry a healthy stock of wildland boot accessories that include everything you need to keep your boots in active use.

We carry replacement, wildland boot laces, fire boot insoles, and more. We even carry shoe repair protective coating that serves as an excellent sealant and can be used in the event of your boot’s outsole becoming delaminated. Amongst our firefighter boot accessories, we also carry boot brushes, boot polish, and leather boot oil—everything you need to keep your boots protected from the elements and looking great.

From boot laces, oil, insoles, and beyond—we’ve got everything you need to take care of your boot. Add your desired wildland boot accessories to your cart now.