Extreme Cold Weather FR Clothing

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Although most of the time wildland firefighters have to deal with extreme heat, there are occasions when they have to deal with cold weather. In an effort to ensure our brave wildland firefighters are safe year-round, we have a large selection of extreme cold weather FR clothing to choose from. The Supply Cache has the highest-quality, fire-retardant cold-weather gear available, including outerwear, base layers, and fire-rated clothing. Making use of durable, breathable materials such as Nomex fleece, our FR clothing helps keep you warm without making you overheated. Many of our FR jackets even have ventilation zippers to help keep you from overheating, for instance. At the same time, much of our cold weather FR clothing is water-repellent and wind-resistant. The nights and early mornings can get chilly, so shop for fire-retardant cold weather gear now to keep yourself warm when it gets cold near the fireline.