Wildland Firefighter Masks and Firefighter Shrouds

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It’s no secret that it gets smoky and hot out on the fire line. Only the highest-quality wildland firefighter masks and firefighter shrouds can help keep you protected from the smoke you may encounter in the line of duty. Our firefighter shrouds, made from Tecasafe or Nomex, will help keep the smoke out of your lungs as they protect your face, neck, and head from the heat. We also have a number of wildland face protectors, as well as replacement filters to help guard against smoke inhalation. We even carry disposable masks for the filtration of particulate and other contaminants.

Here at The Supply Cache, we stock a variety of wildland firefighter masks, helmets, shrouds, and filters. Our wildland shrouds, masks, and helmets are made by brands such as Bullard, Vallifirest, and Peltor. Get the wildland fire gear you need today!