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Women's Explorer Line Scout
Women's Wildfire Boot Whites front view
Whites women's wildfire boot bottom view tread

Women's H7809 Explorer Line Scout Lace-to-Toe Boot, (10" Upper), White's

White's Boots

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A Wildland Fire Boot made for Women! When you are on your feet and hard at work all day, a good pair of boots is a necessity. White's Explorer Lace-to-Toe Logger is a hard working boot at a fantastic value. 

Meets or exceeds requirements of NFPA 1977-2011 31DR.

• 5.5 - 6.5 oz., 10" leather uppers
• 9 Iron leather insole for added strength
• Goodyear all leather welt construction
• Leather shank for proven durability
• 9 Iron Vibram® rubber midsole for light weight
• Leather heel base for light weight
• Black, smooth leather only
• Resoleable for extended use (fees apply) (NOT rebuildable)
• Manufacturer: White's Boots
• Made in the USA
• Specify size: Women's whole & half sizes.

MPN: WH7809

Men's Explorer can be found Here