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Day Ration/ 24 Hour Food Pack- 4 Day, Coyote Camp

Day Ration/ 24 Hour Food Pack- 4 Day, Coyote Camp

Coyote Camp

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The Day Ration is a 24 Hour Food Pack containing food and sustenance for one person for 24 hours. Each food pack has breakfast, lunch, and dinner stored in one conveniently accessed and re-sealable 6 mm pouch. 

Each Day Ration/24 Hour Food Pack contains approximately 3200 calories and weighs 2.9 pounds. It is light-weight relative to the number of ready-to-eat calories available. All components used in the Day Rations require zero preparation - they are ready to open and consume. However, for the dinner entrée, included is a water-activated heater to provide you with a hot meal, should you so desire.

The Day Ration/24 Hour Food pack simplifies food and meal distribution at the Logistics level, meaning that the Logistics coordinator of any team or operation need only engage in a once per day meal distribution plan. The Day Ration also works well for the individual team member, who will have enough food and caloric sustenance easily carried in their pack or on their apparatus in one convenient pouch for a full 24 hours. Additionally, the Day Ration is extremely well-suited for distribution to civilian populations during larger catastrophic and/or evacuation events where simplified food distribution logistics is desirable.

Packaged in: 14 x 10 x 6 mil ziploc bag. Case Count: 4 Packs/Case

Typical Package Contains(slight variations may occur due to availability):
• 1 Cinna-Bun, Blueberry Turnover, or Apple Turnover
• 1 Dried Fruit Pack
• 1 Kippered Snack 
• 2 Meat Stix
• 1 Coffee Stick
• 1 Tea
• 1 Creamer
• 1 Sugar
• 1 Breakfast Biscuit
• 1 Pocket Sandwich (or Flatbread & PBJ)
• 1 Energy Component (nuts, etc)
• 1 Meat Spread (Pop-Top Tin)
• 1 Cracker Pack
• 1 Cookie Sleeve
• 1 Fruit Squeezer
• 1 Electrolyte Replacement
• 1 Hotline Entrée Pouch
• 1 MRE Heater
• 1 Protein Bar
• 1 Hot Cocoa Pack
• 1 Chocolate Pack (Peanut, Plain, or Special)
• 1 Tissue Pack (or Wet-Wipes)
• 1 Flatware Pack
• 2 Sweetened Beverage Packs
• 1 Candy
• 1 Chewing Gum Pack

Because of the weight of the cases, additional shipping charges will apply.

**USDA and International Import/Export Rules prevent us from shipping food or beverage items to anyone other than within the 50 actual US states-we cannot ship to US Territories/Possessions or Internationally at this time

Coyote Camp meals do not have the extensive shelf life of a military MRE. For maximum freshness, meals are intend to be consumed within the fire season they are purchased.

NOTE: The Supply Cache does NOT accept returns/exchanges for any food items you buy even if it is within the thirty days of delivery.