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Wye Valve Short Handle 1 IN, S & H Products

Wye Valve Short Handle 1 IN, S & H Products

S & H Products

SKU: 853-31201 1NP

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This product line offers firefighters a more compact and lighter-weight alternative to S&H's standard Gated Wye Valves. The valves fit neatly in confined storage areas like cargo compartments, backpacks, etc. The Short Handle Wye Valve is perfect for use in hose packs, and works well with 1.5" spanner wrenches. 

These durable, lightweight wye valves are constructed of high-quality aluminum with anodized hose threads built for rugged use. The valve opens and closes with a quarter turn. Polymer ball and seat/seal mechanism with o-rings provides a reliable seal and ease of operation at working pressures of 600 psi. All S&H wye valves are manufactured to meet or exceed GSA requirements for use by the US Forest Service. This includes all raw materials and quality control procedures. Made in the USA.

Specify 1" NH female inlet and two 1" NH male outlets or 1" NP female inlet and two 1" NP male outlets.