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Wye Valve Short Handle 1.5 NH, S & H Products

Wye Valve Short Handle 1.5 NH, S & H Products

S & H Products

SKU: 853-31251 1 NH

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This short handle wye valve offers wildland firefighters with a lighter and more compact alternative to S&H’s standard gated wye valves.

  • The wye valve will easily fit in confined storage areas like backpacks, compartments, and more.
  • This valve is ideal for use in hose packs and also works with 1.5” spanner wrenches.
  • An important piece of wildland fire equipment, these wye valves are constructed out of high-quality aluminum with anodized hose threads built for rugged use.

These incredibly durable and compact short handle wye valves open and close with a quarter turn and the polymer ball and seat/seal mechanism with o-rings offers a reliable seal and is easy to use at pressures of 600 psi. Add this wildland fire equipment to your cart now.

  • Specify 1.5” NH Female Inlet and Two 1.0” NH Male Outlets or 1.5” Female Inlet and Two 1.5” NH Male Outlets
  • Manufactured to Meet or Exceed GSA Requirements for Use by the US Forest Service
  • Made in the USA