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TSC's Gorgui Classic Multi Tool, Vallfirest

TSC's Gorgui Classic Multi Tool, Vallfirest


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The Supply Cache is the exclusive North American distributor for the multifunctional Gorgui Classic hand tool which was designed specifically for wildland firefighting. This Innovative Solution's main feature is versatility. In different terrain types, this tool outperforms others due to its combination of the most widely used tools in wildland firefighting all in one. The Gorgui Classic features edges used for chopping, grubbing, digging, raking, scraping, cutting grass, small brush and saplings. The head is made of an abrasion resistant steel. The head's smooth curve and cutting angles are optimized to ease work and get high performance. Head size: 10.5 x 6.2". Handle length: 48". 

Replacement handles available here

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