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Heater Meal MRE, Coyote Camp Super Case A

Super Hotline A-10 Meals, Coyote Camp

Coyote Camp

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Coyote Camp is pleased to offer a new addition to the Standard Hotline Meal, with the Super Hotline Meal. As with our other non-self-heating Standard/Super Meals meals, the difference is an additional 250-300 calories to boost the total caloric count to 1400-1550 calories per meal. This is accomplished by adding a very high quality protein bar, offering clean nutritional value that your body knows how to metabolize.

Super Hotline Meals are self-heating meals with entre pouches/trays and water activated heaters enclosed. Excellent for cooler and cold weather operations, or simply where hot meals are very desirable.

Each Super Hotline Meal contains:
• One entre of a rotating variety of Beef, Poultry, Pork, or Vegetarian entrée.
• Fruit Squeezer
• Energy component (Nuts or Trail Mix)
• Granola Bar or Cracker Pack
• Whole Food Protein Bar
• Cookie Pack
• Candy
• Electrolyte replacement
• Flatware/napkin
• Water activated heating element
• 1400-1550 calories per meal.

Each Super Hotline Case A contains 10 meals ( 4 Beef/Pork, 4 Poultry, 2 Vegetarian).

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