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Coyote Camp MRE Standard Case A

Standard Case A Meals, Coyote Camp

Coyote Camp

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Coyote Camp meals are well planned and balanced to provide energy and nutrition for the rigors of fire fighting. Coyote Camp meals provide approximately 1100-1300 calories per meal. 

Typical Package a mix of meals (slight variations may occur due to availability):
• Beef
• Chicken
• Vegetarian 

 Because of the weight of the cases, additional shipping charges will apply.

**USDA and International Import/Export Rules prevent us from shipping food or beverage items to anyone other than within the 50 actual US states-we cannot ship to US Territories/Possessions or Internationally at this time

Coyote Camp meals do not have the extensive shelf life of a military MRE. For maximum freshness, meals are intend to be consumed within the fire season they are purchased.

NOTE: The Supply Cache does NOT accept returns/exchanges for any food items you buy even if it is within the thirty days of delivery.