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Round Files--(3/16 x 8), Oregon

Round Files--(3/16 x 8), Oregon

Round Files--(3/16 x 8), Oregon


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The superior file for sharpening saw chain is the Swiss-made double-cut file from Oregon. The proof is in its performance, in its overall life, and you can even see a difference in quality as well. Oregon files are still aggressive when competitive brands take their last stroke. Look closely at an Oregon file and you’ll see why the double-cut design removes more material, feels smoother, and resists clogging. Specify pack of 2 or pack of 12.


  • Excellent initial sharpness and long stay-sharp
  • Chip breaking second cut removes material efficiently
  • File diameter and tooth height are uniform
  • Consistent, accurate roundness
  • Fast material removal and smooth filing action
  • Tang length is uniform, no burrs nor sharp edges
  • Demagnetizing after heat-treat helps prevent clogging

Other size available: 7/32 X 8

MPN OR70503