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FER501 "Poly Tank" Backpack w/Fedco Pump

FER501 "Poly Tank" Backpack w/Fedco Pump

DB Smith & Company

SKU: 849-13904

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Just like the traditional Indian fire pumps, except the tank body is poly instead of steel. Just as durable as the traditional models, this pump boasts:
• UV resistant poly tank will last for years of heavy use. 
• Rust-free and sturdy
• 5 gallon capacity
• Brass pump will give years of bind free use. A pump you can count on in an emergency.
• Carry handle also functions as storage for the pump wand.
• Dual Nozzle changes quickly from stream to spray without tools.
• Comes with an all brass, Fedco Pump and padded shoulder straps.
• Made in the USA