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Patch Kit Advance Nomex & Kevlar

Patch Kit Advance Nomex & Kevlar

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Ensure you’re protected from the heat with our Nomex® & Kevlar® patch kit.

  • Repair rips, tears, and holes in your wildland fire gear.
  • Made from the strongest and most durable material to keep you safe
  • Nomex® & Kevlar® are the most dependable fabrics in the firefighting community.

While people rely on firefighters to keep them safe from fires, firefighters depend on their gear to do the same thing. Our patch kit made from Nomex® & Kevlar® is the the most trusted fabric and thread in the firefighting community. This fabric protects from the extremely harsh conditions of the job. Repair your wildland fire gear, and browse through the rest of our Wildland Fire Gear.

  • 8” x 8” Piece of Nomex® & Kevlar® Fabric
  • 25 Yards of Nomex® Thread
  • Colors: Green, Khaki, Navy Blue