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Patch Kit 6oz Nomex

Patch Kit 6oz Nomex

The Supply Cache Inc

SKU: 100-10501 GREEN

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As a firefighter, your gear needs to keep you protected. Repair rips and tears with this Nomex® patch kit.

  • Nomex® fiber thickens when it encounters extreme heat, providing protection and time to firefighters.
  • This Nomex® fabric and 25 yards of thread will be more than enough to repair holes and tears in your wildland fire gear.

 Reliable, strong, and, most importantly, flame resistance, this Nomex® patch kit will ensure that your gear is protected from the intense heat. Here at Supply Cache, we provide the firefighting community with the gear, products, and solutions that the job requires.  

  • 8” x 8” piece of 6 oz Nomex® fabric
  • 10 yards of Nomex® thread
  • Colors:  Green, Yellow, Khaki, Sage, Red