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P-Cord, Spool (1000', Nylon), 5ive Star Gear

P Cord Spool 1000 ft Nylon 5ive Star Gear Black

P-Cord, Spool (1000', Nylon), 5ive Star Gear

5ive Star Gear

SKU: 130-32004 BLACK

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The 5ive Star Gear, seven strand, 1000 ft length, spooled paracord, has been designed to provide you with a product that is great for a multitude of activities, including; camping, fishing, survival, gardens, boating and any other use you find for it. Quick drying, will not rot or mildew, lightweight, strong and durable. Specify color.


  • #550 commercial 7-strand cores
  • Multi-purpose: camping, fishing, survival, gardens, boating, crabbing & much more
  • Quick drying and will not rot or mildew
  • Lightweight, strong and durable

Available in 50 ft here

Available in 100 ft here

Made in the USA