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Operators Shelter Pack, The Pack Shack

Operators Shelter Pack, The Pack Shack

The Pack Shack

SKU: 604-30251 BLACK

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Whether you are a dozer or engine operator, the convenience of having your fire shelter and radio on your chest is a great option. It is out of the way while driving or operating equipment yet right where you need it if an emergency arises. The Operators Shelter Pack offers:

• Fits the New Generation Fire Shelter and Plastic insert
• Velcro straps secure your radio for ready access
• Pad and Pen Pouch on top with zippered closure
• Clamshell pouch
• Two inch shoulder suspenders with heavy duty suspender clips that provide great support and comfort
• Left and right hand D-rings to hang your gloves for quick access
• Made in the USA
• Specify Black or Red