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MC-2 NH Mirrored Compass, Suunto

MC-2 NH Mirrored Compass, Suunto


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The advanced navigation compass. When venturing out into new territory, these sighting compasses offer precision navigation with a variety of carefully engineered and dependable features for challenging conditions.

• High grade steel needle with jewel bearing
• Balanced for northern hemisphere
• Adjustable declination correction
• Liquid filled capsule for stable operation
• Mirror for sighting bearings and signaling
• Sighting hole and notch for accurate bearings
• Clinometer
• Luminescent markings for working in low light
• Metric UTM scales and inch ruler
• Baseplate with magnifying lens
• Detachable snap-lock lanyard with wristlock. Easy to detach for working with the map
• Suunto limited lifetime warranty

Includes lanyard with wristlock and declination correction tool, Quickrelease, Quick Guide