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Jet-Pac Fireline B-10 Meals, Coyote Camp

Jet-Pac Fireline B-10 Meals, Coyote Camp

Coyote Camp

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The Jet-Pac Fire Line Case B is an innovative new field meal requiring zero prep and zero flatware. Everything in the Jet-Pac Meal is ready-to-eat, from the entrée to the snacks. Each meal is approximately 1200 calories. Included is a variety of shelf-stable pocket sandwiches, plus nut and trail mixes, fruit snacks, and fruit juices.  The Jet-Pac Meals offer you the extra jump of energy you may need to help you start your shift on the fire line, or to give you the energy you need to complete your fire line duty alert.

Meal weight is 18 oz. 
Standard Case size: 10 ct. 

Typical Package Contains (slight variations may occur due to availability):
•2 Bacon & Cheddar Pocket Sandwich
•2 BBQ Beef Pocket Sandwich
•2 BBQ Chicken Pocket Sandwich
•2 Italian Style Pocket Sandwich
•2 Pepperoni Pocket Sandwich

 Because of the weight of the cases, additional shipping charges will apply.

**USDA and International Import/Export Rules prevent us from shipping food or beverage items to anyone other than within the 50 actual US states-we cannot ship to US Territories/Possessions or Internationally at this time

Coyote Camp meals do not have the extensive shelf life of a military MRE. For maximum freshness, meals are intend to be consumed within the fire season they are purchased.

NOTE: The Supply Cache does NOT accept returns/exchanges for any food items you buy even if it is within the thirty days of delivery.