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Indian Chief DBL500 Backpack w/Fedco Pump

Bright yellow Indian Chief wildland firefighting backpack with Fedco pump.

Indian Chief DBL500 Backpack w/Fedco Pump

DB Smith & Company

SKU: 849-13501

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This backpack features a filter screen at the outlet to prevent clogging, a ventilated cap with a watertight gasket, and its combination brass nozzle allows the operator to switch from straight stream to cone spray quickly with no extra tools. This wildfire backpack has a five-gallon inner bag liner with protective nylon fabric outer bag.


  • Forms to your back for greater comfort
  • Rugged outer bag offers more protection from punctures
  • Harness straps with chest cinch strap help balance the load and prevent straps from pulling outward
  • Two liners come with fire pump - extra liner is stored in the outer pouch of the nylon bag
  • Indian Fedco all brass pump, quick connect and dual nozzle

Replacement Brass Pump available Here.

Replacement Liner available Here.

Made in USA

MPN 190351

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