Customer Testimonials


Always have had a good experience ordering from the supply cache. Keep up the good work!

  • Kevin K 03/01/2024

Order showed up promptly and I got quality products, will recommend in the future!

  • Jeremiah M 02/27/2024

I brought a True North Spitfire Pack, Gen 2, Great product, Well designed. Dealing with the Supply Cache was via their online website which I found easy to navigate and use to purchase the product. Easy tracking my shippment from collection to my door.

  • Shane R 02/14/2024

Quick shipping, great product support, and great products. I won't look elsewhere for anything I need for working in the field.

  • Claire W, 11/24/2023

    Great products, excellent service, and quick shipping… This company has it all… highly recommend!!

    • Trina J 10/06/2023

      They are quick and efficient, package arrives within a few days and wasn’t beat up. Everything I ordered was in there. Couldn’t of had a easier route to buy wildland supplies.

      • Caven B. 09/25/2023

        Always have what I need in stock. Fair prices with quick order process and shipping. Will continue to buy from.

        • Joe C 08/12/2023

        Hi Folks just want to say a huge thank you for very quick service.I will be back.

        • John -Perth Cancada  08/08/2023

            “Everything worked out well. I’m still trying to figure out the chain saw blade sharpener. The teeth on one side sharpen very well, but not the teeth on the other side. It’s possible it is the chain. All-and-all, I am satisfied with the experience of having dealt with Supply Cache.” 

            • Scott A., 2/10/2021 

            This is a great and efficient place to purchase PPE. 

            • Crane RFPA, 2/19/2021 

            “Order shipped quick. I’ll be using supply cache for future purchases.” 

            • Ben T., 2/20/2021 

            “Your website was easy to navigate. The items ordered came very quickly.” 

            • Ron H., 3/9/2021 

            “Pretty much everything one would need to supply a wildland firefighter.” 

            • Devin D., 3/11/2021 

            “Prompt shipping & delivery. Product looks durable and adequate.” 

            • Don D., 3/19/2021 

            “Delivery was timely, and the customer service good....” 

            • Mark M., 3/20/2021 

            “I called the Supply Cache for availability of a size 13 wildland firefighter boot, and the contact checked inventory and said they had two available, That in itself was fantastic.  We placed the order online and within 7 to 10 days the product shipped from Colorado to CA.  

            The staff was helpful, the product availability was great...I would most certainly recommend the Supply Cache to anybody and use them in the future.”  

            • John S., 3/21/2021 

            “Very good supply source for wildland fire and forestry.  Prices are competitive, with some goods being a solid savings compared to other suppliers, but not for every item..  Easy to navigate website and friendly staff if you need to call. I’ve had a good experience, but always hoping for some better insider-deals to incentivize me to purchase from Supply Cache alone.  OH - they are better at telling you if something is in stock, others will sell it and not tell you until you order! (hint; Suppliers is in the name)” 

            • Steve G., 3/23/2021 

            “Fast shipping.  Great prices and product.” 

            • Joel W., 3/25/2021 

            “Delivery was on time and product in good shape.” 

            • Donald T., 4/8/2021 

            “Excellent prices and customer service.” 

            • Kirk L., 4/13/2021 

            “Items were as described and shipped very fast.” 

            • Angel C., 4/16/2021 

            “Fast delivery, and true to the products description and price.” 

            • Antonio P., 4/20/2021 

            “Fast delivery and service.” 

            • Mike M., 6/11/2021 

            “Very pleased. Fast shipping. Go product.” 

            • Marvin F., 7/23/2020 

              “I’m really enjoying using my tool. It has come in handy. Thanks.” 

              • William F., 7/24/2020 

              “I enjoy ordering items I need from the supply cache. They are speedy and professional!” 

              • Randall D., 7/24/2020 

              “I ordered the wrong size boots and had to send them back for the correct ones. The service I received was very friendly and helpful and the process was simple.” 

              • Justin M., 7/24/2020 

              “The unleaded tags are exactly what I needed. They arrived promptly. I would purchase from The Supply Cache again.” 

              • Steven S., 7/25/2020 

              “Ordered the cotton things and they were here in 1 days. Very fast service. Thank you!” 

              • Crystal G., 7/25/2020 

              “Fair price, speedy shipping, would definitely trade here again.” 

              • Brand C., 7/27/2020 

              “First time shopping large bulk firefighting equipment order.  The customer service I received made all the difference. Dianna was able to take my entire order over the phone and help me work inside my budget as a nonprofit. We spent two days going back and forth with supply cost and shipping ideas, the whole time they were working for me to get us the Equipment we needed. They knocked off a few Bucks and helped with some shipping ideas that still meet my time frame needs. 100% satisfaction! Thank you Team for the work you all did!” 

              • Miller, 7/29/2020 

              “Maintains prompt communications with customers.” 

              • David C., 7/30/2020 

              “Great inventory and quick shipping.” 

              • Steven H., 7/31/2020 

              “Great company, excellent customer service and great products.” 

              • Todd W., 7/31/2020 

              “Your web site is easy to navigate and I received my order less than a week after I ordered it.” 

              • Earl K., 7/31/2020 

              “Catalog and website are great. Excellent and quick service.” 

              • Steven K., 8/1/2020 

              “They had just what I needed and shipped quickly. I will definitely order from them again as prices are reasonable.” 

              • Randy B., 8/3/2020   

              “Great to deal with sell great stuff.” 

              • Marvin R., 8/5/2020 

              “Very helpful, when the pants we ordered originally had been too small, we were able to easily exchange. We will order again.” 

              • Serra R., 8/5/2020 

              “I have both ordered online and/or walked into their physical location many times over the years and I have always been happy with their great customer service. The products they sell are always top notch and I know I’ll order again soon.  Great work Supply Cache!” 

              • Nathan W., 8/5/2020 

              “Awesome company, right prices and quick shipping!!” 

              • Brian R., 8/8/2020 

              “Very positive experience with my first order! Quick shipment of my items and I will be making orders from here in the future!” 

              • Graham W., 8/10/2020 

              “I recently made a purchase for some wildland fire pants and I thought that due to the current situation (COVID) that I would not get the order until after the fire season.  With great surprise the order came within a few weeks of ordering.  I truly appreciate the quick turn-around.  You guys ROCK!” 

              • Anonymous, 8/12/2020 

              “There fast, fast shipping very good customer service web site easy to navigate I’ll keep buy gear and equipment from them.” 

              • Nicholas S., 8/12/2020   

              “Fast shipping and great quality products. It’s just what I was looking for.” 

              • Tammy S., 8/12/2020 

              “I got my order right in time, also you guys had what I needed in stock. Great company.” 

              • Josh H., 8/13/2020 

              “Had drip torches in stock with quick delivery!” 

              • Anita P., 8/13/2020 

              “Fantastic!! Fast shipping!! Great communication throughout the process!!” 

              • Blake B., 8/17/2020 

              “Great products and fast shipping.” 

              • Anonymous, 8/18/2020 

              “Thank you for your quick delivery with my exact order.” 

              • Richard D., 8/19/2020 

              “Ordered tool from Supply Cache because other online supplier indicated tool was available but has been on backorder for two months and counting (and has already charged me for it)! Quick and friendly call to Supply Cache to verify item in stock, online order easily submitted, and viola, 5 days later, well packaged for shipment tool arrives at my door. Awesome, will use again.” 

              • Mark E., 8/20/2020 

              “This company got my order to me very quickly. I will use them again and recommend them to anyone.” 

              • Jack D., 8/20/2020 

              “They always are prompt in order processing and shipping. I had to get my online account fixed. It was completed quickly and without any hassle! Great job with that.” 

              • J.D. G., 8/20/2020 

              “Quality product good service and arrived on time.” 

              • Jeff S., 8/21/2020 

              “Tool arrived on time and well packaged.” 

              • Jonathan M., 8/24/2020 

              “Worked better than expected thank you.” 

              • Mary Beth A., 8/25/2020 

              “The service and short turnaround on orders is exceptional. We will continue to do business.” 

              • Anonymous, 8/26/2020 

              “Excellent product. Excellent customer service. Excellent price. Excellent supplier. I no longer need to search for a vendor to secure my gear in the future, I know just where to go - The Supply Cache. Thank you.” 

              • William R., 4/15/2020 

              “Order was fulfilled and shipped quick. Received just what I ordered. Beyond satisfied.” 

              • Justin S., 8/27/2020 

              “The pants are good to wear and a good price.” 

              • Michael S., 9/1/2020 

              “They had what I needed with no back orders and shipped it quickly!” 

              • Russell B., 9/1/2020 

              “Went hunting in 90 degree; weather, hike around for a few miles. Best, most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn. Perfect for being in the wood, tough, durable yet comfortable.” 

              • Larry S., 9/1/2020 

                “My orders are always accurate, and they always show up in a timely manner. And the products arrive in tip-top shape, at top quality for my dollar.” 

                • Michael M., 9/4/2020 

                “Good selection and service.” 

                • Mark H., 9/5/2020 

                “I’m happy with my purchase my only thing is it took my order a week to get to me from Fort Collins to Boulder, not sure why. I will always purchase from Supply Cache.” 

                • Peter M., 9/5/2020 

                “Good inventory and good prices.” 

                • Anonymous, 9/10/2020 

                “Great service, fast.” 

                • Ben M., 9/10/2020 

                “Reliable and always high quality.” 

                • Jason C., 9/15/2020 

                “Just what I was looking for! Fast shipping. Thanks.” 

                • Anonymous, 9/17/2020 

                “Shopping was easy and I received my merchandise sooner than expected, great service! 


                • Barry F., 9/17/2020 

                “Great customer service! Really personal approach.” 

                • Aidan Q., 9/18/2020 

                “Called and ordered an out of stock item. I then rolled out on a Mobe and when I got back it was here, which was perfect since two days later I was sent out again.  :-)” 

                • Stuart S., 9/19/2020 

                “Exactly what I ordered and delivered quickly.” 

                • Anonymous, 9/22/2020 

                “Great product and very speedy delivery.” 

                • Eric G., 9/22/2020 

                “Quick delivery, on the August complex haven’t made it home yet to try them.” 

                • James D., 9/24/2020 

                “Service and shipping was awesome! Top of the line.” 

                • Billy M., 9/24/2020 

                “Been purchasing product through supply cache fast shipping, they all have the wildland fire gear I need.” 

                • Ronald P., 9/25/2020 

                “I usually like everything I get from Supply Cache.” 

                • Daryl W., 9/25/2020 

                “Great service. Had to replace a few things during this season last minute. They respond quickly to questions and have good quality products. The shipping is expensive but reliable. Supply Cache is my first choice if I need any gear or tools.” 

                • Garrett S., 9/26/2020 


                • Anonymous, 9/27/2020 

                “Easy website, prompt delivery product as described. Would order from here again.” 

                • Walter S., 9/28/2020   

                “The quality and the speed of delivery is outstanding.” 

                • Richard E., 9/29/2020 

                “Thank you for great service.” 

                • Scott M., 10/2/2020 

                “Great product at a very good price with fast shipping. Highly recommend this vendor.” 

                • Anonymous, 10/6/2020 

                “Good prices, selection is great, and customer service is outstanding.  I'm a long time customer who became acquainted with the company at the Colorado Wildfire Academy.” 

                • Doug F., 10/6/2020 

                “Fantastic service, very quick shipping AND an awesome hoe! What's not to love?! Thank you!” 

                • Sarah M., 10/6/2020 

                “They had what was needed and got it delivered quickly.” 

                • Anonymous, 10/7/2020 

                “Always have what I'm looking for and they ship extremely fast!” 

                • Brandon W., 10/7/2020 

                “Had what I needed and arrived quickly.” 

                • Zachariah L., 10/10/2020 

                “Awesome customer service and fast shipping! Will definitely shop here again!” 

                • Jason B., 10/10/2020 

                “Woot Woot!!  Glad to have ordered from the Supply Cache!  Reasonably priced items and they support the Wildland Firefighters Foundation. God Bless this company.” 

                • Kathleen G., 10/13/2020 

                “Awesome products and fast shipping.” 

                • Anonymous, 10/13/2020 

                “Nice selection, fair prices, and quick delivery.” 

                • Randall B., 10/13/2020 

                “Thanks for the professional and courtesy help. Have a safe day lol Alan.” 

                • Loyd C., 10/13/2020 

                “Great service. Lightning fast shipping.” 

                • William B., 10/14/2020 

                “Great service as always.” 

                • Brian P., 10/14/2020 

                “Supply Cache has been on top of all my orders. Fast shipping, good customer service and overall a good company.” 

                • Frank R., 10/16/2020 

                “Great products, on-time delivery with an accessible website to purchase all that I need. Thanks.” 

                • Octavio M., 10/16/2020 

                “Great excellent thanks.” 

                • Marvin L., 10/17/2020 

                “Quick and easy ordering and delivery of needed items. Found the best price on the replacement tool handles and they arrived perfectly wrapped and in time for the tools to be repaired and used for my training class. Thank you Supply Cache.” 

                • Chance H., 10/18/2020 

                “Supply Cache was the only place I could find replacement handles for combi tools. Ordering them was easy, shipping was prompt, and the handles fit perfectly. They even provided two rivets in case I screwed up one.” 

                • Michael T., 10/18/2020 

                “Excellent as always used you for ten years. Quality stuff and shipped quickly.” 

                • Anthony A., 10/20/2020 

                “I ordered a rhino hand tool from a different store and that was like last month and I still haven't received it but when I ordered some bugs goggles from the supply cache I got it in time I needed them so I'll say this the Supply Cache is damn good about getting the order out to the people that ordered whatever they ordered in the near future I will be going to supply cache to getting the things I need Thank you Supply Cache.” 

                • Tenason O., 10/26/2020 

                  “Ordered online and didn't need to contact customer service. Fast, reliable service and never disappointed with the merchandise.” 

                  • Anonymous, 10/28/2020 

                  “Fast delivery and ease of ordering. It's nice to receive items that are on sale.” 

                  • Michael F., 10/29/2020 

                  “Fast shipping. Love ordering from Supply Cache.” 

                  • Mitchell W., 10/30/2020 

                  “These guys are great, very satisfied with purchase and service!” 

                  • Anonymous, 11/2/2020 

                  “The Supply Cache has always provided us with great customer service. Very professional, prompt and knowledgeable about their products.” 

                  • Greg S., 11/6/2020 

                  “I have not had an opportunity to install the product yet but it looks great and the customer service was superb!” 

                  • Norm L., 11/10/2020 

                  “Great products! Great service! Got exactly what I needed when I needed it.” 

                  • Anonymous, 11/17/2020 

                  “Have been a repeat customer for years, Great products and super fast shipping. Always a pleasure to deal with The Supply Cache. Many Thanks!” 

                  • Dean A., 11/18/2020 

                  “The Supply Cache had the hard to find items at the right price. I made the order, it shipped and arrived faster than expected.” 

                  • Anonymous, 11/19/2020 

                  “Great store definitely going to purchase more top quality products!” 

                  • Hauno G., 11/19/2020 

                  “Order 10 MSR fuel bottle caps with O-rings. They work great (though after-market), seem to be the same high quality as the "real" MSR originals. Made of the same tough nylon plastic material, fit and function is perfect.  Supply Cache's copies are Gray colored, and cost $1.50.   The original MSR non-child proof cap is Black colored, and the best price out there is $6.50, and often go for $12.00. For me that was a $50 savings over the next best price on the internet. Service was good, shipping was fine (not next day, but reasonable). Overall, very happy. These seem to perform flawlessly, and I would recommend them to anyone for camping or backpacking, or any fire dept, or hot shot team.” 

                  • David O., 11/27/2020 

                  “Great fast and accurate service.” 

                  • Malintha L., 11/27/2020 

                  “Wide range of inventory, great pricing, fast delivery.  I'll be shopping with them for outdoor needs again in future.” 

                  • William C., 12/2/2020 

                  “Ordering was easy and the item arrived promptly.” 

                  • Anonymous, 12/5/2020 

                  “Great products!!! Arrived on time.” 

                  • Lamar W., 12/6/2020 

                  “Great place to find what is needed. Items have always been in stock and arrive fast!” 

                  • Anonymous, 12/8/2020 

                  “I miss going to the store but online service is great.” 

                  • Scott J., 12/9/2020 

                  “Great service, USPS was slow getting this to me but not supply cache problem.” 

                  • Daniel O., 12/15/2020 

                  “Supply cache is great, fast shipping in my case in my case.” 

                  • Anonymous, 12/16/2020 

                  “Great product. Fast shipping.” 

                  • Joe H., 12/17/2020 

                  “Supply Cache supplied all items I needed in a timely manner whereas other retailers products were not available until 2021! 

                  Thanks for great support and availability of products.” 

                  • James B., 12/23/2020 

                  “The staff was helpful and although part of my order was back ordered, the broke up the shipment to accommodate me.” 

                  • Teresa E., 12/24/2020 

                  “Always a great company to purchase from.” 

                  • Robert W., 12/26/2020 

                  “My orders are always promptly filled and shipped.” 

                  • J.D. G., 12/28/2020 

                  “I purchased an Alpha jacket for my son and he is very happy with it.” 

                  • Anonymous, 12/29/2020 

                  “As an Engine Boss/ICT4 I've gone through lot of gear and have been purchasing from the Supply Cache since 2001. Always pleased with the quality and timeliness of my purchases.” 

                  • David C., 12/29/2020 

                  “Great service! The shipment arrived in perfect shape.” 

                  • Richard T., 12/29/2020 

                  “Was exactly what I wanted, at a reasonable price, and received it fairly quickly!” 

                  • Christopher M., 12/29/2020 

                  “Good customer service. Great products. Thank you Supply Cache.” 

                  • Jodi L., 12/30/2020 

                  “The packaging around the product was perfect. The product was also in perfect condition. Plus, The Supply Cache sent me regular updates to keep track of the package. 

                  Great Service! Thank you.” 

                  • Anonymous, 1/2/2021   

                  “I like the way your site is arranged. I had no trouble finding the item I was looking for. Shipping was fast and the packaging was more than sturdy enough for the job.” 

                  • Anonymous, 1/3/2021 

                  “Supply Cache has a good variety of products. On-line ordering is easy to navigate. Received a timely delivery of my products ordered.” 

                  • Mark S., 1/5/2021 

                  “Excellent service and product. Thank you.” 

                  • Katja S., 1/8/2021 

                  “This is my second hat like this. Loved it so much, I had to buy it twice!” 

                  • Anonymous, 1/18/2021 

                  “I was in need of some accessories for my line gear and was in a pitch for time. Supply Cache meet all my needs using the express shipping method just after the holidays. Appreciate it!” 

                  • Anonymous, 1/19/2021 

                  “Just what I needed. Cheapest price I could find anywhere. Wanted to get away from the child proof ones. Don't need the child proof one to malfunction on the trails.” 

                  • Aaron G., 1/19/2021 

                  “Fast Shipping and easy transaction. Thanks!!!!” 

                  • Justin K., 1/20/2021 

                  “Great prices, fast service. They sealed the envelope with a sticker, which I personally would have rather had for myself to put on something but it's all good.” 

                  • Austen M., 1/20/2021 

                  “Quick delivery. Well packaged product. Got what I ordered.” 

                  • Suzie H., 1/20/2021 

                  “Ordering is easy, and in stock products are quick to ship.” 

                  • Christopher S., 1/21/2021 

                  “Both orders came in faster then expected and the fit was perfect.” 

                  • Devon M., 1/21/2021 

                  “Fast order processing, received goods as ordered, short delivery time.” 

                  • Ken H., 1/21/2021 

                  “Very pleased with the product and the fast delivery.” 

                  • Richard S., 1/21/2021 

                  “Product is of high quality, ordering was easy and delivery swift. Thanks Supply Cache.” 

                  • Tarie H., 1/22/2021 

                  “Random purchase for some fuel can tags and was pleasantly surprised with the ease of doing business with these folks. Fast shipping, good communication and seem like quality tags. Would recommend based on my experience.” 

                  • Raymond W., 1/26/2021 

                  “Great company.” 

                  • Anonymous, 1/27/2021   

                  “I bought my husband the FR hoody for work.. He loves it.. It is true sized and washes very well. It is nice having a good hoody for him to stay warm while on the job.  Fast easy transaction and shipping! Supply Cache is very recommended.” 

                  • Aleshia F., 1/29/2021 

                  “Pleased with all products as usual. Thank you.” 

                  • Heather S., 1/29/2021 

                  “My Travis tool arrived very quickly. I am very pleased with its quality construction. I have already used to do some bench cutting on a trail, and I love its efficiency. I have lots of invasive privet shrubs, and I'm delighted to find how easy it is to cut up under one side of smaller ones (3-5 feet tall) and pull out the whole shrub. I'm very, very pleased.” 

                  • Anonymous, 1/30/2021 

                  “Everything was received on time, and exactly as expected and ordered. We will order from here again.” 

                  • Gerald L., 1/30/2021 

                  “Great experience, again! placed an order Friday night, received it Tuesday. And that is with standard shipping.” 

                  • Rob C., 2/3/2021 

                  “Had what I wanted and it arrived in a few days.” 

                  • Dale L., 2/3/2021 

                  “I had a friend who was jealous of my Please Help Smokey camp mug... so I ordered one from the Supply Cache. It was an effortless experience and I appreciate it! And she loved the mug! :)” 

                  • Travis B., 2/9/2021 

                  “I just purchased a pair of white boots only took a couple days to get very good service and they sent a extra pair of leather boot laces with the boots! Very good service and I got the exact boot that I wanted thank you.” 

                  • Timothy D., 2/11/2021   

                  “Great products and fast shipping with a reasonable price? SC has it all. Thank you.” 

                  • Juan A., 2/13/2021 

                  “Our small fire department depend on great companies like Supply Cache.” 

                  • Josh R., 2/20/2021 

                  “I've relied on the Supply Cache for this and that in the way of firefighting supplies over the years. They carry a good range of supplies and are generally competitive on prices. Quick to ship, and down to earth. Good folks.” 

                  • Gary M., 2/23/2021 

                  “It’s the same as always. I receive exactly what I ordered and fast shipping.” 

                  • Buddy L., 2/25/2021 

                  “Great service and knowledgeable staff.” 

                  • Joe P., 3/2/2021   

                  “Great products - pickup of ordered items is also very fast & easy.” 

                  • Alan P., 3/4/2021 

                  “Items purchased were found to be as advertised and of good quality.” 

                  • Robert T., 3/5/2021 

                  “I was very happy with Supply Cache.” 

                  • Anonymous, 3/13/2021 

                  “I have been very pleased with Supply Cache and their service. I have had one fairly significant issue with a product and while the manufacturer was obstinate, Supply Cache went out of their way to help me take care of the issue and make things right. Above all, that kind of customer service will always keep me with a business and supporting them. Thank you for doing a good job.” 

                  • Matt A., 3/16/2021 

                  “Package arrived on the schedule time with the quality I expected.  Payment was super easy, would do again.” 

                  • Kesley E., 3/17/2021 

                  “Top of the line fire pack I enjoy it thank you Supply Cache.” 

                  • Richard W., 3/23/2021 

                  “Supply Cache, has been our go to source for wildland fire equipment, and firefighter support material such as FOG and Pocket field guides which we issue annually to our personnel.” 

                  • Edward D., 3/24/2021 

                  “Had pack in stock and shipped fast!!!.. What more could u ask for.  Thumbs up.” 

                  • Andrew K., 3/24/2021 

                  “The Supply Cache always ships products quickly, and their customer service is friendly and courteous. Highly recommend!” 

                  • Toby B., 3/25/2021 

                  “The Supply Cache is legit. The stuff shows up so fast it's always here before I'm expecting it.” 

                  • Reilly S., 3/25/2021   

                  “Very satisfied with how quick items came.” 

                  • Deborah S., 3/26/2021 

                  “Customer support was amazing. They went above and beyond answering my questions and helping me out with my purchase along with giving me updates on shipping times.” 

                  • Aldo R., 3/27/2021 

                  “The order came in exactly as specified. I needed a nomex patch and thread for a fire suit which worked out perfectly. The order came very quickly and was safely packaged.” 

                  • John H., 3/29/2021 

                  “Very good company to order from and very prompt on getting your order out.” 

                  • Anonymous, 4/1/2021 

                  “Supply Cache has done an excellent job. Their service is outstanding and they work hard to resolve any issues that arise. Keep up the good work. Thanks.” 

                  • Matt A., 4/1/2021 

                  “Excellent customer service!  An error occurred with a product, that was out of their control, and they made it right at no expense.” 

                  • Robert Y., 4/2/2021 

                  “All excellent.” 

                  • Doug J., 4/3/2021 

                  “They had the product I was looking for, shipping was reasonable and it arrived quickly and in good shape!” 

                  • Dawn B., 4/6/2021 

                  “I have been very impressed so far. I have received my products fast and supply cache is usually the cheapest with pricing and shipping.” 

                  • Eric K., 4/8/2021 

                  “The service was great and the tools were delivered promptly.” 

                  • Faye S., 4/13/2021 

                  “Website was easy to use and delivery was very snappy.  Price was lower than buying direct from the manufacturer.” 

                  • Spencer D., 4/15/2021 

                  “First time dealing with Supply Cache and it went smoothly, no problems. I'll be buying more trail building tools in the future from them.” 

                  • Anonymous, 4/15/2021 

                  “My order arrived quickly with no problems.” 

                  • Kyle B., 4/16/2021   

                  “Rogue hoe is great and shipped quickly.” 

                  • Joe P., 4/16/2021 

                  “Very satisfied with fast delivery and good products; easily accessible despite great distance.” 

                  • Per F. from Sweden, 4/16/2021 

                  “I like the prices, you don't try and inflate the price. Excellent customer service and fast shipping.” 

                  • David M., 4/16/2021 

                  “Ordered online order process was prompt. Delivery status was relayed to me.” 

                  • Rickey W., 4/16/2021 

                  “Great products. The size charts are spot on!” 

                  • Jim S., 4/17/2021   

                  “Helpful, fast delivery, and quality item. What's not to like. I have always had a great experience using Supply Cache and it is now my 1st stop. Thanks!” 

                  • Joe W., 4/17/2021  

                  “The product was easy to find, order, and make payment was easy. The shipping was faster than I expected even with the hurdles that the pandemic has brought.” 

                  • Kyle P., 4/18/2021   

                  “Accurate product description, good price, delivered as expected! I would buy from Supply Cache again.” 

                  • Steven S., 4/19/2021   

                  “Knowledgeable staff and had what we needed.” 

                  • Chris O., 4/19/2021 

                  “My experience with The Supply Cache was entirely positive. Had to change my order right after I made it, and a kind staff person helped me in short order. I had to return my order because I ended up being given what I bought and that process was also quick and smooth. Only good things to say.” 

                  • Karen S., 4/20/2021 

                  “Very quick service and great products.” 

                  • Gary G., 4/21/2021 

                  “I received what I ordered quickly and I appreciate that. Thank you.” 

                  • Anonymous, 4/21/2021 

                  “Great Service and Great Products.” 

                  • Anonymous, 4/22/2021 

                  “Wonderful!! Y'all are great!” 

                  • Shawn H., 4/22/2021   

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                  “Our helmets now have LCES stickers on the back to remind our wildland people how important this is. Thanks!” 

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                  “Fast and easy service. Products arrive quickly even halfway across the country.” 

                  • Robby F., 5/11/2021 

                  “I was able to purchase wildland pants easily and quickly. My real 5 star review is for their customer service, however. I needed to return something I ordered due to my department supplying me with equipment, and after two rings I talked with an actual person! She was very knowledgeable and helped me quickly. I think I spend less than 5 min on the phone in total. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!” 

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