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Hand Tool, 60A Rogue Pick Hoe, (40 Hickory Handle), ProHoe

Hickory Handle Wildland fire Rogue Hoe Pick Hoe tool from Pro Hoe for scraping use on the fire line

Hand Tool, 60A Rogue Pick Hoe, (40 Hickory Handle), ProHoe


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Due to a nationwide raw material shortage, the availability of this tool  has been severely impacted and long delays are anticipated. Please consider placing these on a separate order from other items to avoid the delay of other items. Backorders will be processed and filled in the order in which they are received as our stock replenishes.

This hoe tool comes with a 40" curved hickory handle. Rogue Pick Hoe has a 6" wide curved cutting edge on one side and a 1.75" wide cutting spike on the other, the overall length is 9". It is heavy duty and can be used to dig out embers as well as work the fire line. 

Replacement handles available Here.

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Made in USA