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Fire Shelter for Wildland Firefighters

Fire Shelter (New Generation), Anchor Industries


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This new generation wildland fire shelter for sale features a hard plastic protective liner and nylon carry case provides firefighters with enhanced protection from direct flame and heat when the wildland fire gets too close for comfort. 

  • The fire shelter is made with woven silica laminated to an aluminum foil outer shell and fiberglass laminated to an aluminum inner layer.
  • This is a USFS fire shelter that meets all applicable specifications. 
  • When compared to the original fire shelter, the new generation has an 81% reduction in temperature rise, a 97% reduction in heat flux, and is stronger and more durable. 

        Committed to providing our firefighting customers with the highest-quality, most current firefighting equipment on the market, The Supply Cache is proud to provide this new generation fire shelter. With a higher flammability rating and manufactured to the US Forest Service Specifications and NFPA standards, this is the emergency fire shelter firefighters rely on when the flames get close. Add to your cart now. 

        • Includes carrying case plastic liner, nylon duck carrying case, and the fire shelter
        • Regular: 86”L x 15.5”H x 31”W NSN #4240-01-498-3194  NFES 0925
        • Large: 96”L x 19.5”H x 33”W   NSN #4240-01-527-5248  NFES 0975

        *Note: "Regular Fire Shelter size" is meant to fit individuals up to 5'-7" in height with a girth (largest area of the circumference of the body) of less than 53". Individuals between 5'-7" and 6'-1" and less than 53" in girth may carry either size as they deem appropriate. In trials using fans to simulate wind, firefighters shorter than 5'-7" had difficulty deploying and holding down the large fire shelter. Firefighters who are shorter than 5'-7", but whose girth is larger than 53" should practice with the large practice shelter in a strong wind before deciding whether to carry a large shelter on the fireline.

        "Large Shelter size" was designed for firefighters whose height or girth prevents them from fitting easily inside the regular shelter. Any firefighter taller than 6'-1" should also carry the large shelter. Any firefighter whose girth is larger than 53 inches at any point also should carry the large shelter. Individuals between 5'-7" and 6'-1" and less than 53" in girth may carry either size as they deem appropriate.

        For more information on inspection, service, etc. Please see this link.

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        Fire Shelters are not returnable and cannot be exchange for another size.