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NFES 002646 Covid Breifing Checklist IRPG

Fire and COVID-19 Briefing Checklist (NFES 002646)

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Protect yourself, your crew and your camp! The Fire and COVID-19 Briefing Checklist (NFES 002646) is suggested to replace page 120 of the current IRPG. Comes as a convenient 3 x 5" sticker to fit perfectly in your IRPG. 

The checklist addresses

  • Self-Awareness/Screening
  • Hygiene on the Fireline
  • Social Distancing and Protective Equipment
  • Communications

The Fire and COVID-19 Briefing Checklist is now provided with the sale of each IRPG at no added charge effective September 1, 2020 when purchased from The Supply Cache or can be purchased individually to update your IRPG.