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Double Down Helmet Clips (4 per pack), BlackJack

Double Down Helmet Clips (4 per pack), BlackJack

1445 Designs

SKU: 200-25001

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Designed to hold the straps of both the headlamps and goggles used in wildland firefighting. Works with all helmets, goggle and headlamp systems. Built from a super high temp Thermoplastic that will withstand temps above 500 degrees. Superior 4 point Strap Retention System securely holds both the head lamp straps and goggle straps on the helmet. No more slipping, no more sliding. The Double Down will allow the user to easily remove the headlamp from the helmet for use when not in engaging in firefighting duties.

Note: Make sure to place on a clean area of the helmet (not on the reflective strips etc.). Takes 72 hours for adhesive to FULLY stick. Best not to put on and run out the door to use