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Diverter Tee Valve, Whaling Fire

Diverter Tee Valve, Whaling Fire

Whaling Fire

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This diverter tee’s castle grip allows the diverter tee to smoothly slide out of the Whaling Pack. There is no protruding handle to be kicked on or off accidentally. Water is diverted to the lateral or lateral and trunk line simultaneously. This product is perfect for progressive hose lays with 1" NP laterals. 

Manufactured from thermo-plastic, this durable diverter tee is light-weight and corrosion proof. The trunk line is 1 1/2 “ hose female and 1 1/2” hose male. The 1 inch lateral is NP pipe thread. Rated for safe working pressures of 400 psi and is 1,200 psi burst tested.