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Deluxe chainsaw chaps used as wildland firefighting apparel.

Deluxe Chainsaw Chaps (Cordura/Kevlar), Stanco


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Not only do wildland firefighters need protection from the heat, but from their equipment as well. These chainsaw chaps help clog and block cutting chain.

  • This wildland firefighting apparel comes with a side tool pocket to let you carry your tools.
  • The deluxe chaps offer 6-ply worth of protection.
  • Made in accordance with USDA Forest Service specifications 6170-4, however, they are not NFPA rated.

Fighting wildland fires is not for the weak or the faint of heart. It’s a grueling job with many dangerous aspects, long hours and treks, and tough duties. While fire is the main source of concern, you also want to protect yourself from your fire gear. These deluxe chainsaw chaps were designed to quickly block cutting chain and are highly resistant to snags and tears. Buy now and continue shopping our wildland fire equipment and gear.

  • Specify Length: 32, 36, or 40”
  • Materials: Multi-Layered Kevlar®
  • Cordura® Outer Shell