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Class A WD881 Foam, 4 oz bottles, Phos-Chek

Class A WD881 Foam, 4 oz bottles, Phos-Chek


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One 4 oz. bottle designed for use with 5-gallon backpack pumps. Each bottle provides enough concentrate to treat 5-gallons of water with Class A foam at 0.5% use concentration. 

Water, as it is converted into steam, has tremendous capacity to absorb and carry away heat. Unfortunately, water's strong surface tension causes it to bead up and roll off most fuels and away from heat too fast to be able to absorb its full heat capacity.

Phos-Chek's® unique combination of surfactants significantly reduces water's surface tension. As a result, water containing low concentrations (0.1% to 1.0%) of Phos-Chek® foam concentrate:
•Stretches out the water droplet into a bubble and holds it that way, increasing its heat absorbing surface.
•Penetrates deep into Class A fuels
•Has an affinity for carbon. Phos-Chek® bonds with carbon like a magnet holding the water against the fuel. It grabs onto smoke greatly increasing visibility and reducing knockdown time.
•Protects structures and fuels by blanketing the surface with bubbles.
•Increases firefighter safety through quicker knockdown and increased overhaul properties.
•Reduces the amount of water needed to fight a fire because it uses it much more effectively.

Using less water provides many benefits including:
•Less property damage
•Reduction of toxic products of combustion into the environment
•Preservation of fire scene for arson investigation

For more information, download the Phos-Chek® WD 881 Class A foam MSDS here.