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Chainsaw Sharpening Carbides, Timberline

Chainsaw Sharpening Carbides, Timberline


SKU: 750-70024 3.2 MM

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Sold individually. Each with 1/4" shaft. Interchangeable with tool. All sizes fit with the sharpener without changing any parts. Last a minimum of 40+ sharpenings while many users may well exceed 100+ sharpenings with careful use by not binding the carbide cutter, always spinning clockwise and by following instructions included with the Chainsaw Sharpener.

Made of tungsten carbide. Designed specifically for the Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener™. Five diameter sizes are used to properly fit different sizes of chain. Chain pitch is usually listed on the saw bar.

mm inches
3.2 1/8
4.0 5/32
4.8 3/16
5.2 13/64
5.5 7/32