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Caveman Meals- case of 10, Coyote Camp

Caveman Meals- case of 10, Coyote Camp

Coyote Camp

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The Caveman Meal is a remarkable new meal product that embraces the simplest food preparation techniques used for millennia to preserve foods in the cleanest and simplest way possible -drying or dehydration. All of the components are truly ready-to-eat. There is no need to heat anything. These meals are lightweight, high quality and nutrient dense. These meals include high quality beef jerky (assorted flavors: Old Fashioned, Teriyaki, Honey Glazed, Peppered and Hot), delicious meat sticks (assorted flavors), high quality dried fruit (assorted varieties), whole food energy bars, almond or peanut M&Ms, and electrolyte replacement. No need for napkins or flatware. These are truly a graze-n-go meal. Contains 10 meals per case, 1434 calories per meal. 

Typical Meal Contains (slight variations may occur due to availability):
• Beef jerky pkg (3.5 oz. rotating variety)
• Beef snack (rotating variety)
• Dried fruit pkg (5 oz. rotating variety)
• Protein Bar (rotating variety)
• Almond or Peanut M&Ms®(rotating variety)
• Electrolyte replacement (rotating variety)

Coyote Camp meals do not have the extensive shelf life of a military MRE. For maximum freshness, meals are intend to be consumed within the fire season they are purchased.



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