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Capital Hose Pack, Ambry Equipment

Capital Hose Pack, Ambry Equipment


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The Capital Hose Pack was designed for fire departments that use the Gasner hoselay, Jarbo supply line, Cleveland hoselay and similar style hose configurations.

Firefighters increase hose lay speed because they can keep gloves/PPE on while using the Capital hose pack and the intuitive use color coded webbing makes loading and unloading hose more efficient. It provides safety because firefighters do not have to take off PPE to use the Hose Pack. The hose packs are manufactured in the USA and every potential failure point is stitched for durability and reinforced to exceed the demands needed for aggressive firefighting. Firefighters that hump hose for long distances appreciate the generously thick and wide padding on the shoulders and back. 

Speed, safety, durability and comfort are what firefighters need from an initial attack hose pack when they are first on scene of a blazing fire. Capital Hose Packs are made for just that purpose. If the firefighters at your department fight fire aggressively but also provide for safety first, Capital hose packs are for your department.

The Capital hose pack can hold two Gasner configuration hoses (100' each hose). Each hose is individually strapped down tight with easily identifiable colored webbing for each hose. This makes loading and unloading the pack intuitive, simple and fast. This pack is truly "Fire Fighter Proof". 

What is the Gasner Hose Pack?
Gasner hoselayhe 1" attack line is coiled and ready for deployment next to the gated wye, this tends to reduce the possibilities of snagging it on sticks and rocks when it is being deployed. When properly constructed the hosepacks can be connected like Leggo's, each one connecting to the last until the fire is encircled." (Wildfire Suppression Hose Packs by Andrew Bernard).