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Bugz Steel Mesh Safety Goggles, Sight Shield

Bugz Steel Mesh Safety Goggles, Sight Shield

Sight Shield

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The Bugz Sight Shield Mesh Goggles will help protect your eyes from flying debris due to chainsaws, chippers, or heavy equipment. Durable polycarbonate frame with stainless steel mesh lenses that resist rust and will not fog. The soft foam padding and adjustable headband allow for comfortable wear. Specify 20 gauge or 30 gauge.

  • The 30 gauge is a tighter mesh while the 20 gauge protective goggles have looser mesh weave and provide higher visibility.
  • Bugz  Sight Shield Goggles are only a protective goggle and are not ANSI Z.87 approved as safety goggles and do not offer UV Protection.
  • Made in the USA