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Bio-Back Brace, Medolutions
Bio-Back Brace, Medolutions

Bio-Back Brace, Medolutions


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• Clinically Proven to relax back muscles
• Helps maintain proper posture encouraging better body mechanics
• Non-Restrictive design makes it comfortable for nearly all activities
• Lightweight, compact, design allows for near full range of motion
• Can be worn discreetly underneath clothing
• Simple to use

The Bio-Back uses a simple, patented design that combines Counter Force pressure with a Lumbar Dome. Together these features reduce the strain on the muscles and other pain sensitive structures in the lower back to relax muscles and relieve pain allowing users to safely resume their daily activities back pain free.

The Bilateral Opposing Forces, a patented design feature, is clinically proven to reduce the activity and strain on key muscles in the lower back. Simultaneously, the redistribution of pressure enhances core stability.

The Lumbar Dome, a patented design feature, creates an immediate correction in posture promoting proper body mechanics and helping to reduce and prevent back pain.

The Bio-Back’s support results in reduction of lower back pain and improved mechanics. The low profile design makes it comfortable to wear while doing everyday activities.

Standard size adjusts to fit waist sizes of 22" to 50".