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Replacement Head-Chingadera, J.R. Fire Tools

Replacement Chingadera Head
Replacement Head-Chingadera, J.R. Fire Tools

Replacement Head-Chingadera, J.R. Fire Tools

JR Fire Tools

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Replacement head for the Chingadera 40 and Chingadera 48.


  • 9 ¼” wide cupped head with square back that prevents debris loss
  • 8 ½” tall, with 7” of digging depth
  • Proprietary heat treated steel formulation that holds an edge longer and resists chipping
  • Attaches to all J.R. Fire Tool handles
  • Curved  head, that sinks into ground
  • 3 sharpened sides
  • Interchangeable head
  • Blade-to-ground surface is flat for maximum contact
  • Excellent for all grubbing and moving large amounts of debris
  • Cuts through blackberries, brush, stobs, plants and green grass
  • Creates deeper trenches to stop rolling embers

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Made in USA