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Pocket Pouch, The Pack Shack
Pocket Pouch, The Pack Shack
pack Shack Pocket Pouch or Man Purse, holds irpg for Wildland Fir, Red Black Navy or Camouflage

Pocket Pouch, The Pack Shack

The Pack Shack

SKU: 604-34021 BLACK

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Convenient pouch to keep essentials at your fingertips.  Fits in the leg pocket of your brush pants.  The exterior has a plastic covered pocket for your ID or your red card.  The interior zipper pouch is large enough for a credit card, money, or spare keys.  Five interior organizer spaces are perfect for keeping the necessities tight.

Great for your IRPG, calculator, pen, notepad, etc.  Closure is a 2" wide, heavy duty, elastic strap with Velcro that wraps the pouch for secure, compact organization.  Made in the USA.