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Original Tough Hook Hanger, Tough Hook

Original Tough Hook Heavy Duty Hanger

Original Tough Hook Hanger, Tough Hook

Tough Hook

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The Original Tough Hook Hanger is a heavy duty hanger that was specially designed to hang, hold, and carry over 150 lbs. of clothing, fire gear, heavy equipment, gym equipment, scuba diving gear, camping gear, hiking gear, outdoor sports gear and even military tactical equipment. Designed by a US Army Sergeant, the Original Tough Hook Hanger was built for worry free hanging and storage of heavy gear and fits the needs of individuals and companies who rely on hangers for daily use to extend the functional life of equipment, uniforms, or long term storage items. The integrated key feature of this hanger is the built in patented reversible carry handle.


  • Patented, multi-purpose design
  • Integrated, carry grip handle for easy transportation of heavy equipment
  • I-beam construction and impact resistant resin makes it nearly indestructible
  • Over 150 lbs. load capacity
  • Backed with a 100% lifetime warranty

Made in USA