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Water pump wick for forest fire fighting equipment.

Water Pump Wick 100-4H Honda, Mercedes Textiles

Mercedes Textiles Limited

SKU: 851-61001

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Temporarily Out of Stock

Due to a shortage of pump components,  the availability of this pump has been severely impacted and long delays are anticipated. When ordering this out of stock pump, please consider placing a separate order to avoid the delay of other items.

This high-performance package features state of the art pump design, which delivers excellent performance.

  • Lightweight
  • Very easy starting
  • Maintains high pressures

The pump unit utilizes a 2.5 hp 4-stroke Honda engine. Offering a centrifugal clutch, the pump is easier to start, can be idled for warm up without water and provides for a detachable pump end for more reliability and quicker refits, if maintenance is required. The Wick 100-4H meets the emission standards of US EPA/carburetor regulations. Suction fitting is 1.5" (male) NPSH, discharge fitting is 1.5" (male) NPSH. Comes with a manual for operation that includes fuel and oil recommendations. 

Wick 100-4H Fire Pump PDF

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