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MRE-Deluxe Field Ready Rations, 5ive Star Gear

MRE-Deluxe Field Ready Rations, 5ive Star Gear

5ive Star Gear

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This 5ive Star Gear® Field Ready Ration case takes care of all your survival food needs for up to four days. These rations are packaged in MRE style pouches and sealed for freshness, and they can be stored five years or more in cool temperature. 


  1. Made with high-quality military spec components
  2. Each case contains: 12 meals; minimum of 4 main dish flavors
  3. Approximately 1300 calories per meal
  4. Meals are fully cooked and do not require additional water
  5. Easy to prepare and storable for up to 5 years when stored at room temperature *Note: Dates on the package are dates of manufacture not expire dates.
  6. Heavy-duty mil-spec packaging

Because of the weight of the cases, additional shipping charges will apply.

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