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Hose Myti-Flo Mop Up, Mercedes Textiles

Myti-Flo Mop Up Hose Mercedes Textiles

Hose Myti-Flo Mop Up, Mercedes Textiles

Mercedes Textiles Limited

SKU: 851-35201 25 FEET

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This mop-up hose has 3/4" GHT couplings and features the Mertex® lining for excellent flow and low friction loss. This hose is lightweight and portable. Choose between three sizes, to best suit your needs. It is designed to be packed into remote areas. 


  • Built for excellent flow
  • Low friction loss
  • Choose 25-foot, 50-foot, or 100 foot
  • Untreated

Myti-Flo Mop Up Hose PDF available Here.

This Mercedes product can be shipped within the USA only.

MPN 235070251 + Coupling