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Color Correcting Headlamp (2750CC), Pelican

Color Correcting Headlamp (2750CC), Pelican

Color Correcting Headlamp (2750CC), Pelican


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When you can’t see the difference between one color cable from another, the job may be compromised. Now you can trust our select flashlights with new Correct Color technology to stop the guess work. Common LED lights can produce an intense beam and lower CRI (Color Rendering Index), making it difficult to distinguish between different color cables and overpower your work area with blinding bright light. Our new Correct Color flashlights are engineered with a higher CRI (90+ Color Rendering Index) allowing you to see color more accurately in your work environment. And with a low temperature beam (similar to incandescent flashlights ) you get the benefits of our Correct Color technology that doesn’t outshine the details.


  • Up to 63m Beam Distance
  • Up to 183 Lumens
  • 2 Modes: High / Low
  • 3 AAA Alkaline Batteries

MPN 027500-0160-247