Why Women Become Wildland Firefighters

Amanda Delatorre |

Firefighting—especially wildland firefighting—is a predominantly male-dominated field. According to the National Forest Foundation, only around 10 percent of the permanent Forest Service wildland firefighting force is female. However, over the past few decades, a sharp increase in the number of female wildland firefighters has occurred. Despite the intense physical challenges, safety risks, and considerable gender differences in the field, women are increasingly gravitating toward the rewarding field of wildland firefighting. To learn about some of the reasons why women become wildland firefighters despite the odds, continue reading.

Love of the Outdoors

The beauty of the outdoors is a significant draw for those considering the profession of wildland firefighting. Wildland firefighters spend most of their time outdoors fighting forest fires, patrolling burned areas, completing prescribed burnings, and conducting other wildfire suppression efforts. As such, those who have a love for nature naturally gravitate to a profession committed to protecting it.

Meaningful Work

Another contributing factor why many women become wildland firefighters is how meaningful the work is. Wildland firefighting provides brave, hardworking people with the opportunity to make a real difference in the world.

By preventing wildfires and stopping their spread, wildland firefighters help to preserve forests and save the lives of numerous animals as well as people. Such an opportunity attracts many women to the noble and altruistic profession of wildland firefighting.

The Thrill

Aside from the gorgeous work environment and meaningful work itself, many women also pursue wildland firefighting due to the thrill it provides. Wildland firefighting is inherently dangerous.

On any given day, wildland firefighters must prepare to venture into lands being scorched by flames and risk their lives. Depending on the position, wildland firefighting may involve other adventurous activities such as parachuting out of planes or flying helicopters into rapid response zones. In any case, women with a taste for adrenaline are well-suited to the thrilling profession of wildland firefighting.

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