Why Having the Right Fire Gloves Is So Important

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Why Having the Right Fire Gloves Is So Important

Wildland firefighting gloves are among the most important safety accessories firefighters carry in the field while tackling a blaze. They offer protection from heat and the repetitive tasks required to put down flames. Here’s a breakdown of why having the right fire gloves is so important and what you should look for in a pair.

Protection and Safety

That’s what it’s all about, right? During a blaze, wildland firefighters’ hands are in constant danger as they work to extinguish flames, operate machinery, and rescue people in trouble. Firefighters need a layer of protection from hazards. Wildland firefighter gloves are made from split cowhide and have non-burn cuffs to protect the hands and wrists from heat, flames, scratches, and long-term damage.

Dexterity and Grip

It can be hard to balance protection and mobility, especially for firefighting gear. Thick gloves provide great protection but reduce dexterity. Thin gloves allow for more dexterity but sacrifice protection. Pick gloves that stave off burns, cuts, splashes, and the like without preventing you from handling tools and making quick movements that could save your life, such as catching a falling branch before it hits you. Your fire gloves should also provide a good grip to prevent accidents caused by losing hold on tools.

Rules and Regulations

Safety is so important that OSHA and similar governing bodies in the United States dictate the gloves workers in different industries should wear while working. According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, wildland firefighters are required to wear gloves that are “properly sized and suitable to the hazards encountered in wildland fire fighting activities.” Picking the right gloves for your duties keeps you in compliance with such regulations and protects you from harm. Even in the absence of such laws, it’s good practice for wildland firefighters to wear fire gloves in the field.

Insurance and Incapacitation

When wildland firefighters wear the proper equipment, they are much less likely to sustain injuries or become fatally wounded. Keep in mind that an injured or deceased firefighter means one less expert battling wildland blazes, which means lost acreage, a greater environmental impact, more property damage, more injuries, and even deaths among the affected populace.

Wearing protective equipment might even reduce insurance costs, as there’ll be fewer claims and payouts. It’s like the story about the want of a nail. Don’t let missing gloves spiral into bigger issues.

That’s the skinny on why having the right fire gloves is so important. At The Supply Cache, we provide high-quality wildland firefighter gloves. Pick up a pair today to keep your hands safe.