What Are the Requirements for Wildland Fire Gloves?

Anthony Haun |

What Are the Requirements for Wildland Fire Gloves?

Though wildland firefighters wear many types of PPE (personal protective equipment) in the field, gloves are some of the most important pieces of gear. Protecting the hands is imperative to a firefighter's safety and well-being.

When choosing a pair, it's important to understand the requirements for wildland fire gloves as set by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). If you'd like to know more about wildland firefighting gloves, read on as we explain their purpose and the requirements for manufacturers designing them.

Why Fire Gloves Are Important

Protecting against injury is the top priority when fighting a wildland fire. Anything can happen, and preparedness is the best form of protection. Fire gloves are essential for protecting the hands from many injuries:


Frequent and intensive use of fire-fighting tools leads to injuries on the hands. Friction blisters, scrapes, and abrasions can occur through overuse of tools. Luckily, many fire gloves are durable enough to prevent these lesions from happening.

Scratches and Cuts

Scratches and cuts are among the most common injuries when fighting wildland fires. Wildland fire gloves are the best defense from these injuries.


Sustaining burns is inevitable as a wildland firefighter. Fortunately, fire gloves can prevent you from severely burning your hands.

Wrist or Arm Injuries

Many arm injuries begin at the hand, so protecting the hands may also protect the wrists and forearms.

How Fire Gloves Protect Hands

You can't just throw on any pair of gloves and rush into a burning forest. Wildland fire gloves have a specific design that protects firefighters from intense heat, flames, and falling objects and debris, among other hazards. Here are a few features of fire gloves:

  • Fire-resistant materials protect the skin
  • Outstretched openings reach beyond the wrist and stay in place

Requirements for Fire Gloves

  • Extended gauntlet cuff for protection against debris
  • Full-grained, chrome-tanned leather
  • Flame and water-resistant

Understanding the requirements for wildland fire gloves is an important part of protecting wildland firefighters. At The Supply Cache, we carry high-quality leather wildland fire gloves and other essential PPE for those who fight wildfires. Get in touch with us with your questions about firefighting gear, and we will be happy to help.