What are the benefits of adding a weighted pack to your workout?

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The added bulk of a weighted backpack or vest increases the training effect of virtually any exercise.  This is a result of your cardiovascular system and muscles having to work harder than usual.  Traditional and step aerobics, cycling, walking, running, and any body weight exercises such as squats, lunges, pull ups and push ups become more challenging.  This will exponentially increase the benefits of your workout resulting in more calories burned while increasing muscle mass as well as overall strength and endurance.  Per an article on the American Bone Health site improved balance and stabilization of bone density are additional benefits:

"Some studies have shown that performing activities such as walking, jumping, and resistance exercises while wearing vests loaded with weights equivalent to 4% to 10% of body weight (5 - 10 pounds in a 130 pound woman) might help stabilize bone density and would likely also improve balance."

Most weighted packs are backpacks with heavy materials such as sand, weighted plates, books, etc.; anything handy to increase weight.  These packs place all of the weight on your back.  This means, if you add a heavy load, you will most likely need to lean forward to keep your balance.  The pressure on your shoulders after an extended amount of time can be uncomfortable.  A backpack will also shift when you change directions or momentum which can become distracting and possibly cause further discomfort.

The weighted packs that are exclusive to The Supply Cache are designed as a lower lumbar carrying pack so most of the weight is evenly dispersed, ergonomically designed to be carried using your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.  Like a weighted vest, weight can be added on, in increments, per your personal training regimen.  These weighted packs have been designed for comfort, convenience, and durability.  They have a thick backpack style padding all around that is made of mesh for better breathability.  The quilted stitching creates air flow channels to aid in keeping you cool during your workout.  An s-shaped yolk with sternum strap and a padded waist with an adjustable belt secure the pack to your body making it amazingly comfortable.

Made in the U.S.A. this pack comes with 45 lbs. of dive weights that have been coated to completely eliminate lead exposure which might be a concern with other weights.  These weighted packs are the perfect tool to train for the Pack Test or get in shape for the upcoming fire season.


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