Ways Firefighters Can Avoid Long-Term Health Problems

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Ways Firefighters Can Avoid Long-Term Health Problems

Firefighting is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Going out and fighting against active fires is dangerous, but there are many other secondary health effects to consider. Thankfully, there are ways firefighters can avoid long-term health problems if they know what to do and how to stay safe in the line of duty.

Ensure Equipment Is Working

One of the first ways wildland firefighters can avoid long-term health problems is by ensuring their equipment is working. A broken or faulty piece of equipment can leave you stranded and exposed to more heat and smoke than is safe for your body.

Shrouds, masks, and particulate filters are some of the best items to have in the line of duty, and you must make sure they’re working as intended. Even when they are working, harmful toxins can still make their way into your lungs through smoke and chemical inhalation, so ensuring they are working will at least provide a layer of protection.

Wearing Properly Sized Safety Clothing

In addition to working equipment, you need properly sized safety clothing. Without the proper clothes, you are putting yourself in danger. It’s important to have tight-fitting masks and shrouds to reduce the chance of harmful toxins entering your lungs, but you’ll also need properly sized gear. Gear that’s too big or too small can leave you exposed to high levels of heat, which can cause burns, increase your body temperature, and contribute to heart disease.

Stay Physically Fit

Heart disease is one of the leading health issues that wildland firefighters face. It’s incredibly common to develop some form of heart disease in the line of duty after dealing with high-intensity situations. One of the best ways to fight heart disease is by staying physically fit. The job will still be challenging, but high levels of physical fitness better protect your heart.

Consult Your Doctor Regularly

Heart disease and respiratory issues are among the most common health problems for wildland firefighters, but you can combat them. Your doctor can help you detect symptoms of illnesses sooner rather than later and take the necessary steps to combat them. Like fighting a fire, tackling symptoms of heart and respiratory disease early is the best way to keep the condition from worsening.

It’s important to take these necessary steps so firefighters can avoid long-term health problems to the best of their ability. Some health risks are unavoidable, but if you take the necessary steps to keep them at bay and regularly consult with a medical professional, you are setting yourself up for success. If you’re a wildland firefighter looking for proper wildland fire boots and accessories to stay safe in the field, look no further than The Supply Cache. We have all the equipment and gear you’ll need to manage the fires and keep yourself safe and healthy in the process.