5 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Flame-Resistant Clothes

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Flame-Resistant Clothes

When it comes to fighting fires, safety is one of the most important things firefighters cannot compromise on. Flame-resistant gear is an essential piece of equipment for firefighters going out in the field. But to stay safe and effective, firefighters must avoid some key mistakes of wearing flame-resistant clothes. These clothes' materials help the wearer stay safe in these fire emergencies, but there’s a lot that the wearer can alter to make themselves less safe and put themselves in danger.

Improper Fits

It’s important to make sure that all flame-resistant clothing you wear fits properly. Overly baggy or tight clothes can inhibit movement and reduce your ability to fight fires effectively. A well-fitted garment allows for optimal mobility and ensures the wearer can perform their duties without hindrance. Additionally, loose clothing can catch fire, while tight clothing restricts air circulation and insulation.

Layering Clothes

Another mistake you must avoid is layering with flame-resistant clothes. Layering these clothes compromises the flame-resistant capabilities of your clothes, leaving you vulnerable to burns by trapping heat.

Poor Maintenance and Cleaning

You must maintain and clean all flame-resistant clothes. Repairing and cleaning any damage or grime buildup helps ensure your clothes hold onto their protective qualities. Regular washing according to the manufacturer’s guidelines also helps maintain the clothes’ flame-resistant properties. Proper cleaning also reduces the risk of skin irritation from dirt and oils that can build up on the fabric over time, ensuring that firefighters remain comfortable and focused during their crucial work.

Wrong Fabric Types

You must also be aware of the types of fabrics in your flame-resistant clothing. Look for flame-resistant garments with materials like Nomex, Tecasafe, or Kevlar, as these provide superior protection against heat and flames. These materials resist ignition, self-extinguish, and maintain their structural integrity even when exposed to extreme temperatures. With high-quality flame-resistant materials, firefighters can ensure they have the best possible protection when facing dangerous situations.

Only Relying on Clothes

You must also ensure you have the right fire-suppressing materials handy at all times. Fires can be unpredictable, and relying solely on your clothes isn’t enough. By being proactive and keeping other materials nearby, you can protect yourself and those around you even better. Doing this supplements the protection that flame-resistant clothes offer. Combining flame-resistant garments with readily available firefighting equipment ensures you and your team can stay safe.

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