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Vegetarian Hot MRE by Coyote Camp

Super Hotline V-10 Vegetarian Meals, Coyote Camp

Coyote Camp

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Coyote Camp is pleased to offer a new addition to our Standard Hotline Meal, with the Super Hotline Meal. As with our other non-self-heating Standard/Super Meals meals, the principal difference is the additional 250-300 calories to boost the total caloric count to 1400-1550 calories per meal.

Previously we doubled up on entrée servings to achieve the higher calorie count. During Fire Season 2020 we changed that by adding a very high quality Protein Bar, using ProBar and Talty Bars of various flavors to not only increase caloric count, but to increase the quality of those calories. The result is that both the ProBar and the Talty Bar offer clean nutritional value that your body knows how to metabolize.

Our Super Hotline Meals are self-heating meals with entrée pouches/trays and water activated heaters enclosed. Excellent for cooler and cold weather operations, or simply where hot meals are very desirable.


  • One rotating variety Vegetarian entrée.
  • Fruit Squeezer
  • Energy component (Nuts or Trail Mix)
  • Granola Bar or Cracker Pack
  • Protein Bar
  • Cookie Pack
  • Candy
  • Electrolyte replacement
  • Flatware/napkin
  • Water activated heating element
  • 1400-1550 calories per meal.

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