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Split Fuel Container

Split Fuel Container

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Store gas (1.5 gallons) in one side and chain bar oil (2.5 quarts) in other side. This gasoline/chain oil container combination is a must have for your sawyers. Keep the fluids separate, keep them clean, and keep it safe.

These containers have received a special surface treatment to significantly reduce pollution associated with gasoline loss by permeation. This technology combined with the auto-shut-off spout allows this line of container to meet the California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations for Spill Proof Systems. (Title 13, California Code of Regulations, Chapter 9 Off-Road Vehicles and Engine Pollution Control Devices, Section 2467.2a)

Pour spout on fuel side only. Locking cap on oil container; must use your own funnel for bar oil. 

Emission control information: This container complies with US EPA emission regulations for portable fuel containers (40 CFR Part 29)
•Spill-resistant nozzle shuts off automatically when tank is full.
•Child proof nozzle lock.
•No vent can, prevents escape of fuel and/or vapors.
•Measures: 15" H X 19" L X 5.5" W with spout in place

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