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Round Files 1/4 X 8 inch, Oregon

Round Files 1/4 X 8 inch, Oregon


SKU: 750-10601D

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This is a discontinued item. Limited quantities are available.

The superior file for sharpening saw chain is the Swiss-made double-cut file from Oregon®. The proof is in its performance, in its overall life, and you can even see a difference in quality as well. Oregon® files are still aggressive when competitive brands take their last stroke. Look closely at an Oregon® file and you will see why the double-cut design removes more material, feels smoother, and resists clogging. Comes in a pack of 12.

•Excellent initial sharpness and long stay-sharp
•Chipbreaking second cut removes material efficiently
•File diameter and tooth height are uniform
•Consistant, accurate roundness
•Fast material removal and smooth filing action
•Tang length is uniform, no burrs nor sharp edges
•Demagnetizing after heat-treat helps prevent clogging